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Thank you all for joining our Pinterest Creators Festival! We hope you enjoyed hearing from some of the freshest Creators and learning about our new updates and features. Were you all as excited as we were to hear from Megan Thee Stallion herself on how she built an authentic and unapologetic brand? 🔥

We know you want to keep the conversation going so we’re opening up this space to connect and network with other festival attendees. This is your space to recap your favorite festival moments, discuss the latest updates, and ask any questions you may have!

Here are some thoughts to get you started:

  • What was your favorite festival moment?
  • Who was your favorite speaker and why?
  • What update and feature are you most excited about?
  • What was your biggest learning moment?
  • Any suggestions for how to make our next Creator event even better?

For more information on the features and updates shared during the event make sure to check out our Product Spotlight on New Creator Features!


ICYMI, check out the full recording from the festival below! ⬇️

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@CandyToyBoxFamily Takes! Yay!! Community is everything, truly. 

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I would love to know the steps required to gain access to the new Creator Rewards Program. Do you have recommendations for creators?

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Loved hearing from all the speakers!

Anna @mycancerchic
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What a wonderful line up of speakers--seriously blown away and left so inspired. In true Pinterest fashion I left the festival feeling pumped to create more content, but left with tons of practical advice and information too.  

Also the chat feature was such an effective way to have us truly feel like part of a community!

FAITH OVER FEAR is about to be written on my mirror!

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I agree. The program was inspiring and I am so excited to gain access to the Creator Rewards Program. Now I am off to try to make my first idea pin!

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I loved hearing all of the speakers! I'm so excited about all of the upcoming features, and I especially can't wait for Creator Rewards. I loved the message of authenticity throughout the event - thank you for putting this together!

My Digital Art:

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I'd also like to get some more info on this please. I know it was mentioned that the program is rolling out to creators as they become eligible, but I'd like to get learn what criteria make us eligible so that I can be sure to work toward that. Thank you!

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I so loved the part where Megan shared her tips on being more confident! As an entrepreneur and a small business owner, you have your fair share of doubts from time to time so her words just made my day! 


PS: If you are looking for awesome dessert recipes and Crumbl copycats you should follow me on Pinterest 

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The speakers were awesome. Can't wait to start earning through my ideas. I would like to know if the earn button is now available?

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This was such an inspiring and amazing event! I think we should keep doing more of this!!!! (1).jpg

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