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Payment Profile Issue

New member

Hey Everyone!

Hope all is well. Is anyone else running into a similar problem like me?

My account/business profile has been verified for over a year now, but I’m now facing an error where it’s withholding my Creator Reward payment.

i get a notification at the top saying to set up my payment profile with a countdown expiration. If not completed, my payment will disappear.

I emailed Help Center last week but haven’t heard back yet. I just want to make sure I get paid accordingly.




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Mine says the same thing, and my account is active as well. I was guessing that the creator reward program is going away.

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Yes I’m experiencing the same thing & no response.

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I’m experiencing this issue too. There’s always something lol

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This is what I got back. 

Andy (Pinterest Support)


Nov 15, 2022, 03:25 GMT-11




Thanks for being on this Creator Rewards Beta journey with us and bringing this to our attention. We're actively working on improvements to the program based on feedback from early access Creators like you and looking more into this situation.


Situations like these can take some time to investigate, but please know that we're doing our best to address the problem and we'll be in touch soon with an update. If you have any questions in the meantime, please feel free to reach out again via our Help Center.


Thank you for helping us continue to improve Creator Rewards! Please keep in mind that Creator Rewards is still in early access Beta - we ask for your patience as we optimize the program.


Thank you,



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My account says the same thing, I thought oh geeze how did I screw this up, but after seeing the replies, I’m wondering if they are double checking everything seeing the program is wrapping up for the year. I also sent a message to the help desk 

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