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No option to create Idea Pins

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When I tap the create+ button it shows 2 options ( website, photo) for create and 1 option ( board) for add. I want to create idea pins. But there is no option like that. I use pinterest from website in an android device. I want to create idea pins from my mobile phone.


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Hi @themoneyproclamation, and welcome to the PBC!

Idea Pins are now Pins: we’re bringing the best of our new formats to all Pins! All the expressive features creators have come to love (like music, product tagging, stickers) and the features previously available to Pins (such as links, scheduling, post-publish editing, and different aspect ratios) are now available to all Pinners for video and image content. 

Let us know if we can help you further!

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Though it didn't help me but I found a solution. I enable desktop mode first and then I enter the website to log in. Only then I get the options to create pins.

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