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New to Pinterest, looking to start advertising through affiliate links!

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Hi, I am new to this so any advice to advertising on Pinterest through affiliate links would be very helpful. 

Thank you.

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Hi @aislingmartin2019, and welcome to the Community!

There are two ways to add links to Pins. First is through product tagging and second is directly through the details section of your Pins.

Links alone do not offer monetization; creator must have an existing partnership with an affiliate merchant and utilize affiliate links. Commission to depend on existing terms with the 3rd party merchant.

Let us know if we can help you further!

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@aislingmartin2019 - Welcome to the PBC! 

Here is Pinterest’s Community Guidelines document. There is a section toward the end called, “Affiliate guidelines” and it will give you some basic info about the “rules!”

PBC member Isabel wrote a really fantastic response to a post about how to generate affiliate sales, too. It’s right here: 

This thread also mentions the programs that are currently supported for adding affiliate tags to Pinterest Idea pins:  

I hope these resources help get you started with your research! 

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