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Hi my name is Danah

I am new to the Business side of Pinterest, however, I have always loved Pinterest 😍

I am very exited to starting this huge journey, and I am ready to learn new things through the way, I know it will be tough at times, but it is the only path to achieving my dreams🤩.

I will keep going no matter what, and with your help( the amazing Pinterest community) together we will all achieve our goals, we are all in this together, and together we will succeed🥰

Please check out my small business @jeuvelandco 💕

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@jeuvelandco Hi Danah & welcome to the community! I've always loved Pinterest too 🙂

Congrats on your new business & look forward to seeing you around here regularly!

Please follow me on Pinterest: Foodie Home Chef Thanks! Simone ♥
Currently Pinning to: Father's Day & Memorial Day / July 4th & BBQ / Grilling
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Pinterest Pioneer

@jeuvelandco  Welcome to the PBC 🙂 Best wishes in your new ventures! 


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