NEW Idea Pin Links!! But links are limited..?

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I just saw the new update to Pinterest - Idea Pins are getting links! My profile says this is an Early Access function which I am grateful for but I have my concerns already.

I have just tried linking to a blog post on my website only for the error message to pop up that says it's an invalid link. I have also tried an affiliate and that didn't work either. Further testing and SOME of my affiliate links for certain programs like RewardStyle do work, but I pull income from multiple areas and I would like those links to work as well. This is extremely unhelpful when wanting to link to a very specific blog post related to the Idea Pin or a product page for a different affiliate site.

Will this change for the better to include more affiliate links and specific blog posts?

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Hi @donnagailblog, thanks for reaching out about this!

Can you confirm if you have already updated to the newest version of the Pinterest app (v11.17)? 

Thank you, looking forward to hearing from you!

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