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Hi everyone! My name is Gly and I’m very new to making content here on pinterest and I was hoping to ask for tips on how to grow my audience and how to work with brands and other creators!

Im hoping for your replies, and lets connect!

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Hi @liccamaye, welcome to the PBC! 😊

Pinterest is a visual platform, so developing helpful, beautiful, actionable content is the single biggest thing you can do to drive traffic and engagement to your profile. See below for a few tips to get you started, and be sure to check out our thread on
creative best practices to hear from other creators in the community. 

- You can find more information on how to target your audience in this article. 

- I also suggest you read our article focused on the 5 main tips on how to grow your audience with your content on Pinterest

- Now, if you are looking to understand how the Pin's distribution works, and what you can do to improve your performance on our platform, I suggest you read this one here

Regarding working with brands, you can use the Paid Partnership tool, a feature that lets you tag a brand you have a sponsorship or branded content relationship with. The paid partnership tool is a way to disclose any paid branded relationships directly in your Pins! Give us a shout if you have any questions.

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