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Hi there, 

My name is Grace and I am the co-owner of a wedding videography/photography company here in Minnesota! I recently decided Pinterest would be such a great way to share our work which is why I created our business account. I would love any tips anyone may have or just to gain some connections through the creator network! It is so fun to watch all of your art come to life and I would love to learn more about what makes others passionate!!




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Pinterest Pioneer
Pinterest Pioneer


Hi Grace Welcome to the PBC🎉

I read your post and I am really glad your are here and Congrats! on creating your Pinterest Business Account.

New Business on pinterest 

I am also including some information on the Verified Merchant Program in case you decide you want to become a Verified Merchant.

Please see the above post where I listed | linked some really great articles written by other Pinterest Pioneers | PBC Members. I think you will find there are some really great tips addressing some questions you might have.

Also, consider the post below there is some fantastic information there.

How to build your audience on Pinterest 📈 

Creating Idea Pins

If your looking to connect with other Creators then you have definitely come to the right place check out Creators | Conversations here on the PBC there is always some really good conversation going on.

If you need anything else please don't hesitate to come back to the community.

I hope this information will help you on your NEW JOURNEY here on Pinterest.



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