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My Pinterest Handle Was Taken By Pinterest!!

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Pinterest Handle Dilemma

So I love Pinterest, I really do. I do SEO, Web Design, and Social Media Marketing.

I run about 10 Pinterest accounts in total, and we spend about 15,000 monthly in ads!!

I have never had a problem with them until recently.

So when I first learned that Oakland Athletics would maybe move to Las Vegas, I checked to see if the handle was available and it was. 

The Athletics are my absolute favorite baseball team, and I am a Las Vegas native of 42 years. 

So I took the Pinterest handle, LASVEGASATHLETICS. I made the account very clear that it was a fan account as you can see by this other account:

So I got an email that they suspended my account, I fought it, and they reinstated it, except they forgot to give me back my

Seriously, give me back my handle. Am I wrong for wanting it, I am not going to stop until I get it back, and yes I will be on all your Exec's Linkedin!!

What do you all think?




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