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My monthly views + Account does not show up in search

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Hello! I noticed my monthly views went from around 10k to under 3k in a few days. Also, as people type in my username to find my account on Pinterest, they cannot find it. I have made a few changes to my Pinterest, which may play a role. However, I figured I should ask before making any sudden changes. 1) I deleted many boards I no longer use and added different boards that match my niche this past month. 2) I noticed with deleted blog posts, the pins are still on my boards which means when people try to click on the pins, it may give them an error. Also, does not using your Pinterest boards impact the monthly views?


Please provide any tips that can help. I initially thought of completely deleting this profile and restarting it, but that seems silly? 


Thank you, 

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Pinterest Pioneer
Pinterest Pioneer

 Hi @browngirltrauma , welcome to the PBC!

When making profile changes, such as your account name for example, it may take Pinterest some time to recognize the changes and for it to show on search.

I was able to find your profile, which means it's starting to show.

When deleting blog posts, Pinterest will not automatically redirect. Depending on how old the pin is, you may be able to change the url in the original pin, but previous saves from that pin will not carry the change and will forever have the broken link.
It's always best to use boards. Make sure that they have titles and descriptions created using the proper keywords for the content.
As a side note, when it comes to certain mental health content or how it's presented, Pinterest may hold it back. Always focus on a positive and inspiring view and make sure to search keywords and terms you are using to ensure that Pinterest doesn't hold them.
It's ok to share content related to mental wellness, but it's always a good idea to make sure you are sharing it in a way that aligns with Pinterest's community guidelines.

I hope this helps!

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