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My Account Seems To Be Invisible

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Hello to all  😀

I have sent my issue to Pinterest, and this is not the first issue I've had but, It is the worst.

I was at around 1.1 mil monthly viewers about 3 1/2 weeks ago and now I'm at 734K . In the last few days I have seen no traffic at all , my pins have zero saves and I have only today received a notification on Pinterest, I have seen none in the past 3 to 4 days. I dont know what I have done or not done for this huge loss in traffic and why this has all started since the update. - I have noticed a drop in sales to my business and a loss in traffic to my business, which has not happened in 5 years of being in business while using Pinterest as my promotional platform.

I do a lot of saving to sections within my main boards and when they get to 100 pins I create their own board and move those saved pins to that board.

It does seem to me that I have been flagged for spam and have been blocked - I have no log-in issues, I can use Pinterest as normal but, I know that im not being seen anymore by anyone almost like I am invisible.

Please help,

Thank you and please stay safe and healthy. 😷


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Now get this - Here is my analytics page refreshed - not showing the drop in traffic. 

Screenshot 2020-09-30 at 01.38.19.png

So I think with these images that are only 5 minutes apart that something is going wrong with analytics and it needs to be fixed. 

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