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Massive Drop in Monthly Views

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Why did our Monthly Views plummet a few months ago, even though our individual Idea Pins, and regular Pins have substantially increased in views, click throughs, and pins during that time? We've also added on many more followers during that time, than we have before the plummet.


Historically, we had minor interest in our old pins and Idea pins, yet, our monthly views continued increase consistently. For example, about 6 months ago we had over 150K monthly views to our pins, and literally overnight it dropped to below 10K monthly views. We received a canned email saying we should post content that our readers are more interested in. This makes no sense, as the individual views, click throughs, and saves for each of our Idea Pins and pins has Increased by ten fold in the last 6 months. How can our interactions and list of followers increase significantly, yet our recorded Monthly Views to our profile pins plummet? It makes no sense. 

How will Pinterest address this?

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Hi, @prepmyrecipe! I totally get it - that monthly views number can seem like a roller coaster. (And not in a good way lol) 

My recommendation to clients and students is always to (a) hold VERY loosely to that “monthly viewers” number (or to impressions in general) and to (b) set some goals that focus on metrics that you have more control over. 

It’s VERY normal to see monthly views and impressions go up and down - sometimes even way up and way down. 🙂 These metrics are influenced by factors like seasonality of content… the normalizing of a viral pin… general usage of the platform (for example, for most niches, summer is historically slow, but autumn brings more users, and even more leading up to the holiday seasons.) 

So… I suggest you set some goals around the stats that are more meaningful to you. It sounds like you're doing great with consistently adding content to the platform, and with growing an engaged following! 

Aaaalllllll that being said ;), you could check out this article about how distribution works. I know when I read it, some things became more clear to me. I hope it helps you! 


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