Massive drop in impressions since 28 May.

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Has anyone else experienced a massive drop in impressions and daily viewers since 28 May 2022. Though I haven't missed a single day of pinning fresh pins for the last 4 months. Please help Screen Shot 2022-06-04 at 11.15.22.png

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Sounds like a pin went viral and then died down again 🙂 

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Hi @miggondotcom ,

looking at the screenshot, seems to me that you had a massive spike on May 23rd/24th and then a drop. Sometime that happens and is normal. Most likely one piece of content got a lot of engagement and views and then dropped. 

That could be due to a surge on searches for the content in that pin specifically. Take a look at your pins individually and you most likely will find which one had a "viral moment". It may resurge again. 

I hope this helps.

Tereza Toledo - Pinterest Expert
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Hello @miggondotcom 

You're certainly not alone here. I've experienced the exact same thing, and it seems to occur every 20-something ish days. It's been happening since around april or may for me, up until now.

At first, i thought it was a sign that things were finally going back to normal, until the stats would crash just barely 2 days later, leaving me devastated. 

Despite what the others are saying here, it is NOT a pin going viral or a pin seeing a spike in searches. 

I've looked well into the analytics. During this spike period, our pins which were previously de-indexed, begin to start gaining impressions like normal, only for them to flat-line after like 2 days.

I don't know what's causing this, but i know it is certainly NOT normal. At all. No normal account acts like this. And Pinterest isn't even agreeing to acknowledge the issue. They keep writing it off as ebbs and flows. 

Very disappointing.

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If I had to guess, probably internal team picking out users with analytics like yours to purposefully crash, thus influencing the "need" to either pay to promote OR post even more than normal to simply boost usage on their site. Total rip-off and poor choice.


Good luck to you!

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