Issues when adding affiliate links via stickers for Idea Pins?

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Hi all! I'm noticing two different issues when I try to add links using the sticker feature.

Issue 1: sometimes I'm able to add my affiliate link and then add the direct product link (still unclear why I have to add the link a second time, I assume Pinterest wants to be able to turn them into product pins without my affiliate but wish I didn't have to do this) but then only the tag will show and not the product name.

Issue 2: sometimes I'm able to add my affiliate link but not the product link. I tried to link to Abercrombie earlier and I kept getting an error after I already uploaded a whole story of a try-on. 

I've attached screenshots of both issues.

I'm curious if anyone else is experiencing this issues. I'd also like to make note of what I'd like to see from the product tagging option in the future:

  • the ability to upload a product once and save it to a library. I often reuse products and have to reupload their details over and over
  • the ability to edit the text that shows up in the sticker tag (right now it just seems to pull from the product page on the site and I wish I could customize it
  • the ability to flag "request to add this retailer" or some other troubleshooting option if the link isn't saving for some reason

@PinterestGabby or other Pinterest staff, any insights?

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I was told that not all links are approved on Pinterest for tagging yet when I was having links not tag. 

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Hi @austentosone I'm Maria, Hunter's Pinterest Manager.

I manage multiple accounts that have affiliate links and we have the same issues.

Issue 1: I don't know what's happening with the tags without names, I haven't found a path for that. It happens with random links, sometimes it happens with Amazon products.

Issue 2: Abercrombie it's like "Blocked" on Idea pins. The Abercrombie links worked a few months ago, but the 'preview' image was always a white button down shirt. Now they do not work. I'm seeing the same error with pins from,,, and 

My clients use rstyle links for their affiliate links. So I contacted LTK and after 20+ mails they accepted that there is an error going on, but they haven't heard back. They told me we should talk with Pinterest as the app is 'blocking' those websites. 

I don't know what to think, I think it's something related to Pinterest because and Abercrombie are Verified Merchants on Pinterest, so their product links should work perfectly. Maybe the brands are doing this on purpose? I've contacted Arhaus as well, and they replied only once and never got a second response.  

I would love to hear if @PinterestGabby has insights about this. 


- Maria Laura Luna Broilo


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