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Issues after using Amazon links on Pinterest

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Hello I am an Amazon Seller.

My account has been blocked 4 times

I work in a company that has a store on Amazon. I have tried several times to create a company account, 4 times, to advertise our products.

The first times I was using Amazon Attribution links and I thought that was why I was getting blocked. But the last time I used normal links pointing to the product on our Amazon store, but I got blocked again. Is it possible to talk to someone from Pinterest support? Do you know of any spam problems if I try to link my Amazon products on Pinterest?

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Hi there @cassanomarketing, welcome to the PBC!

The best way for you to proceed is to file a ticket with our team -- this link goes directly to the team equipped to resolve account-specific issues like these. I wish there was more I could do here but the teams who work on your ticket are closer to the work being done to resolve your concern.

Give us a shout if you need anything! 

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