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Is there any benefit of having huge number of followers?

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Hi Guys! So apparently there are ZERO benefits of having a huge following on Pinterest. I have over 2.4 million organic followers, and check the reach of my pins/idea pins in the attachment. I don't understand what Pinterest is trying to do by limiting our reach? The people who have followed us, have done it for a reason, to see what we share, isn't it so? I haven't had this problem with any other social media platform except for Pinterest. I know they are running their own ads and want to generate as much revenue as possible but limiting the reach of influencers/creators is not a good choice. It will only discourage them to make content and eventually they will put their energies on other social media where their content is appreciated. Everytime you reach out to them, they will say everything looks fine, its just the algorithm, bla bla bla. Come on guys, everyone knows there is someone sitting on the other side of the algorithms who is deciding how the algorithm should work. I am really disappointed! Hope they change something before everyone leaves to other platforms. @Anonymous 

P.S: Those are my stats with 2.4 Million Followers

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Hi @everydaylifewithlaura . The stats are actually from my idea pins. They have completely limited my reach to an extent that I hardly get 100 impressions on my idea pins and the normal pins don't get any impressions at all, and I have "2.4 Million Followers". So the whole idea of having a follow button is a big joke! I might get banned for being so outspoken but I won't stay quite.

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