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Is Pinterest Trying to be TikTok?

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This is taken from the Mediavine Publisher Group..

"Is Pinterest trying to be TikTok?

It’s time to say goodbye to Pinterest’s photo comment feature. We will soon be disabling the option to comment with photos. However, you may continue seeing photo comments from previous threads.
BUT! We’re building something even better! Soon you will be able to add your take to an Idea Pin to show how you brought an idea to life in your own way. When you see an Idea Pin with something you love — whether it’s a fried egg recipe or outfits from fashion week — you will be able to share your “take” by creating an Idea Pin about the same topic with your unique spin on it. It’ll be linked back to the original Idea Pin that inspired it for other Pinners to see.
Create takes to respond to creators’ challenges, show how you personalized an idea, or keep the conversation going with your community!
You may continue seeing photo comments from previous threads. However, you won’t be able to add new photos to Pins you’ve tried—just text comments."
So my questions is this, who is Pinterest actually talking to when coming up with these ideas? There is no way they are asking their long-time users.
As an individual user, I quit Pinterest 2 years ago because it quit being a platform to simply find, save, and try out new recipes, projects, fashion, decor, etc....too many ads, pushing videos, and now pushing Idea Pins have ruined the platform. 
As a blogger/content creator, they are quickly losing me. Our questions in here are even going unanswered by Pinterest support....

Nothing against the Pinterest support in here, you guys just work for Pinterest, you are not making the decision. And since Pinterest doesn't want to support it's users or content creators, you have no answers to provide.
Sadly, I'm finding no real benefit to this forum because the real issues are not being addressed to HELP the Pinterest Creators with the business accounts. We are being ignored.
Sorry for the soapbox, but I'm over it.
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No, Pinterest is now just an ads platform. After IDEA PINS were introduced by Pinterest none of the standard pins get any impressions or clicks. You can only find IDEA pins on the feed from random accounts you don't even follow. IDEA PINS do not have option to place a link in it which doesn't benefit the creators but if you pay for IDEA pins then you can add links to it which is called promoted IDEA PINS. Looks like Pinterest is now an ads platform if you want to get impressions or clicks on your pins then you need to pay for it.

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@healthyambitionsteam Pinterest community managers are deliberately ignoring all our questions and complains concerning low impressions. Since creators are threatening to stop creating free idea pins, Pinterest product engineers have come up with a plan for users to create idea pins so they can still show ads in the feeds. At this point, we can only wish Pinterest all the best in their endeavors while we pivot and look for traffic elsewhere. The old Pinterest we all fell in love with is officially gone!!!

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@littlediyyoutube I think it's really pathetic that Pinterest community managers and their customer service representatives knew what was really happening all this while. Since last year, we've all been complaining about low impressions and they took us for fools by telling us it's ebbs and flows. Oh wow! Pinterest is such a great company that preaches transparency and positivity when they obviously don't practice any of it. Now, I'm wondering why Pinterest Janice left...

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