Impressions - massive drop after 30 May 2023

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Hello all,

I created my Pinterest account on 16 May 2023 and gathered tens even hundreds of impressions per day when suddenly, starting from 30 May, impressions went to 0 for any pins uploaded. I think it may have some connection with the major upgrade rolled.

Is anybody experiencing the same behaviour? It is a known issue by Pinterest with a given resolve time?

Thank you

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Pinterest Pioneer

Hi there @thewellnessguide welcome! 

Yes, we're for sure seeing a significant drop in impressions and subsequently traffic. It's Q2 - the typical time of year for Pinterest to have less traffic. Also, all the changes recently could be affecting things too. 

We're just keeping on! Creating helpful content and pinning consistently. @terezatoledo (a fellow Pioneer) wrote up this article about dips in traffic that might be helpful to you! 


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