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Impressions are decreasing

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In last 7 days my Impressions are decreasing with a high speed. It was 390k now it has become 280k .It has effected little bit to my pin save rates .(I create pins regularly) . Can someone give me some advice?

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Hello @JUBAER_, and welcome to the Community! 

In the last year, we invested in new tools to help creators like you bring their ideas to life through the creation of Pins. We introduced camera features, editing tools, stickers, filters and more with our new Pin format to enable creators to more easily create inspiration directly within the Pinterest app.

We’ve recently made some changes to better serve the most relevant content to Pinners based on user feedback. While we continue to get positive feedback on Pins, we also recognize that Pinners are looking for a variety of ways to find and consume inspiring content.

As such, we made updates to how we recommend Pins to ensure users see content that they may find most engaging and useful. Some of these changes, while anticipated to drive growth in your long term engagement and metrics, may result in a decrease in impressions for Pins in the short term and thus want to give you visibility into these changes:

  • Inspirational engagement. The best way to build an audience on Pinterest is by publishing ideas worth saving. To underscore Pinterest's longstanding value as a visual platform with saveable, inspiring ideas, we will be increasingly prioritizing content that generates saves and engagement that inspires Pinners.

  • Mix your content. Now, we want to open up the lens of creation and invite you to consider Pins as part of your broader content mix on Pinterest, inclusive of standard image Pins, Pins with links and Pins of all aspect ratios. We believe that this shift will in the longer term help you grow your unique audience on Pinterest and result in a more inspiring, positive platform for all.

Let me know if there’s something else I can help you with!

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