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Idea pins took a HUGE hit overnight

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Wondering if this is happening to anyone else...


My idea pins took a HUGE DRASTIC hit overnight. I get things "ebb and flow" however, after 7 years of working in Pinterest Marketing I get a tad nervous with sudden drops like this. 

Normally after 24 hours I get 200+ views leading up to 2K plus after a week or so. 

So far my last few idea pins have a reach of 24... And yes my topics are trending and I am doing EXTENSIVE keyword research. 

I'm a TAD frustrated. It's happening to ALL 15 of my clients as well, which isn't great! 

@PinterestLucy Could this be a glitch? Or has there been a huge shift in the algorithm that we don't know about? If it was just my niche I wouldn't think too much about it, but all 15 of my clients work is vastly different niches and they all took a hit at the same time... A HUGE hit 


Thanks for any insight! 

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Hi, @LFHPinterestMarketing ! Many of us have been noticing that Idea Pins are taking longer to get reach right now. For me, and for clients, it's been this way for a month or so... But it just feels to me like we're still seeing the reach, but it takes longer for distribution. Also, pins with more saves seem to be getting "legs" faster and performing better over all in the long run.  NOTE: These are just my observations! Every account is different, of course. 

One thing that you said in your share caught my eye though... You said that they took a "huge drastic hit overnight." I want to be sure you're aware of this: Right now, when you look at the graphs that represent stats for individual idea pins... They show the current day's numbers in increments of HOURS - not DAYS. So, every single idea pin stats graph I have shows what LOOKS like a huge drop off to the far right of the graph. But by the next day, it's expressed in DAYS again - not HOURS - so it looks "normal" again. This took me awhile to understand when these graphs rolled out way back when, so I just want to be sure you're aware! (You probably are, but your words grabbed my attention! :)))) 

I hope this is helpful for you. 

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I actually knew that 🙂 Thanks for the tip! But I am talking about the overall reaching being way WAY less than normal. For a pin that has been on the platform for a week, and has a lifetime reach of 50, when it normally would have a reach of AT LEAST 1K by then. 

It just hit everyone at once with this SUPER low reach, all on the same day in fact so it didn't seem normal to me. 

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@LFHPinterestMarketing agreed. It is a subject of thousands of bloggers in Facebook groups I am in. Not just the recent plunge but consistent hits over the course of the past however long (year? two years?). Every time this happens, bloggers pull back on Pinterest. It's getting really frustrating and then with these regular hits to traffic, people just give up.

@PinterestLucy @PinterestGabby 

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I've noticed this too! It's like the algorithm has shifted again. 

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I agree, I know many OG users and bloggers are now focusing their efforts else wear because unless you are paying for reach, it's VERY hard to get one now. Even if you are following all the current "best practices"

Sadly, I don't think things will change even if we voice our opinion which is sad.

I have dedicated the last 7 years to Pinterest Marketing and have taught over 6,000+ users how to use the platform for their business. I also run a Pinterest focused FB group with nearly 10K members who are all equally as devastated with how things are going. It sucks! 


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I am curious, I am sure you have already tried this, but when you got to your analytics tab and select just idea pins what does your graph show in the last 30 days? Does the graph decline drastically?

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