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I'm unable to post Rich Pins. It doesn't show the price of the products

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Hi @PinterestIvania I got a question. My catalog is approved. Can you tell me how I can create rich pins?. I'm using Shopify. I have checked there no rich pin validator. How I can post pins with prices like others are posting. I have posted with Save from website method, but it does not show the price of the product. Thank you.

And one more question. I have seen some Rich Pins from non merchant user. Means on their pins prices and other details are mentioned, but they are not verified merchant. How is this possible? Here is the link of the Pin.

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Hi there @promakeupworld, thanks for reaching out about this!

There is no need to manually enable Rich Pins. The Rich Pin information is now automatically taken from your website. When you manually add the title and description to your Pins, Pinterest will keep the information you've added to the Pin and not the metadata coming from your website.

In order to receive the metadata on your Pins, you can create the Pin by clicking the "Save from URL" button in the Pin creation process.

After adding your link, you can publish the Pin without adding no other information. When viewing the Pin, you'll see the Rich Pin information has been automatically pulled from your website.

Feel free to contact us if you have any further questions!

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