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I don’t know how to start

New member

Hi, im Fresh and i do not know how to start. What should i do first?  

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Pinterest Pioneer
Pinterest Pioneer


Hi Welcome to the PBC!

I read your post and I am listing some links for you to check out on your Pinterest Journey.

From my own experience have patience when your creating your account and while your account is growing. A lot of people often want everything to happen really fast but when it comes to Pinterest in some ways slower is better. The other point I can mention and I am learning this myself is be CONSISTENT maybe one Idea Pin and one Standard Pin everyday or perhaps just one Idea Pin everyday.

I am going to tag in some other Pioneers to get their input @michaelbliss @everydaylifewithlaura @aloniebeauty @JanaOMedia @andrealidesigns 

I hope this helps you and if you have other questions please do comeback and ask.


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Pinterest Pioneer
Pinterest Pioneer

Thanks for the tag @bodymindmood !

@asprokale  I'll echo what Lisa mentioned, patience is important when creating content on Pinterest. This is long term and you won't see immediate results as you may on other platforms. I would add being willing to make mistakes, post on a consistent basis, and just have fun!

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