How to earn money on Pinterest?

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I am a member of Pinterest - created boards on it namely -1-Fashion & Design, 2-Health, Fitness & Beauty. Please guide me on your Tips & tricks to earn on Pinterest. Despite of a good number of impressions, saves, & outbound clicks I could not generate any revenue or commission yet. Hoping for a positive response to my request is highly anticipated.

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Hi @kartikmanoranjan46, and welcome to the PBC!

We have a few ways for you to monetize your audience on Pinterest. You can use:
- Our paid partnership tool, that’s currently available in over 30 countries;
- Our product tagging with affiliate links feature (available in select markets) and;
- Pinterest TV (available in the US and Canada).

You can also check out our business site article to learn more about how to make money on Pinterest. 

Give us a shout if you have any other questions!

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