How to connect, network, and work with other authors and writers on Pinterest


 I’m new to Pinterest Business. I would like to know how I can connect with other novelists, and authors on Pinterest, and how I might go about using these connections for pins.



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Pinterest Pioneer

Hi @SHAGUARTheNightHuntress! You can search on Pinterest for things like "authors" or even get more specific - like "Indie authors" or "paranormal romance authors." 

As a marketer and creator on Pinterest, you may want to first focus on creating your own content about writing, books, etc - whatever your content strategy includes. That's truly the main point of Pinterest marketing - to create pins that help and inspire your ideal audience, and bring them closer to buying (or whatever next steps you want them to take, based on your strategy for monetizing.) 

I hope these ideas help! I'm happy to help more - tag me with any specific questions! 

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