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How Many Pins Can I Edit Daily?

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I'm going through a re-design of my site and also debating changing my website's domain to be more on brand, as well. Doing this means I need to edit the links in all my posted pins. I edited 5 today and keep getting an error message when I try to edit any more. Is there a daily limit of how many links I can edit before Pinterest flags what I'm doing as spam or something similar? 

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Interesting. I have never experienced that and I have edited more than 5 (more like 30) pins per day. But perhaps things have changed.

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If you redirect the domain properly, you won't need to edit pins. It will even pull the rich pin data from the new url.

Also by editing the pin, you only changing the one instance of the pin - the one saved on your profile, all the previous saves of the pin that already exist on Pinterest will still have the original url.

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