How do you make money on Pinterest?

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Hey i was wondering how it would be possible to make money, and how famous the account needs to be for it to be possible.

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Hi and welcome to PBC 👋🏼

Pinterest has monetization solutions for Creators and you can start learning about that by checking out details on the Creators Rewards. 

Also, Pinterest is not a social media platform but a search & inspiration platform so the vanity key of "famous and viral" which is usually a social media platform trait is not a must you need to check as a Creator on Pinterest. You can monetize without being famous, as long as you show skills such as creating original and valuable content and you work on optimizing your Pinterest profile so you can attract partnerships and collaborations. You'll see that you can join the Rewards Program with just 250 followers on your profile. 

Pinterest is not a place that pressures you to be perfect and it can be very rewarding as long as you share your passions and work on creating a community around that - not just get empty engagement. The content lifespan is evergreen, which is also a unique feature and opportunity. I mean, imagine being inspirational for years with a piece of content that people are still searching for, this is amazing about Pinterest...So as long you master your content craft you can tag shoppable products, add affiliate links and include brand partnership tags in your Idea ...

I don't know what stage you are right now as a creator but here's some links with great information that might help you out:


I hope this helps. 💚

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@the__trio - hello! Great advice above from @co_creatrix

I will add one resource: 

I recently wrote this reference post, all about how people make money using Pinterest:

I hope it helps you! 

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Hey @the__trio  😁

Some ways to make money using Pinterest include:

  • Branded content
  • Shoppable pins
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Influencer marketing
  • Creator Rewards
  • Paid partnerships

My main method is offering Pinterest marketing services and creating content for the Creator Rewards Program.

For marketing services, I primarily help startups and small businesses with business account setup and managing ads. Most of my clients are word of mouth referrals. 

For content creation, designing infographics related to mental health and personal finance has been most successful for meeting the monthly reward goals.

I haven't had much success with affiliate marketing though.

Here are more details and tips from other Pinterest creators >>

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