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How Do you Deal With Stolen Pins?

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Some ignore them. Some report them. What do you do?

All I know is that there are oodles of non-fresh pins that have my image and go to wonky URLs. I do believe Pinterest has gotten better about catching some of these, but still an issue. 

It would be awesome to hear how you all deal with it, why... or maybe you don't deal with it at all and are ok with it?

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We file copyright infringement on them but it really feels like trying to herd cats. They just keep popping up with newer and sneakier ways to do it. And it takes a lot of time to try and police it. ~Kim

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I don't go looking for them, but if I find one, I will report it but DO NOT delete all. Just strike it. if you delete all you will delete your pins as well! 

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I just ignore them

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