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How do I increase my views on Pinterest?

Hi! I want to increase my views on Pinterest. 


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Hi @vrindaeducationandcraft009, welcome to the PBC!

Pinterest is a visual platform, so developing helpful, beautiful, actionable content is the single biggest thing you can do to drive traffic and engagement to your profile.

Be sure to check out our thread on 
creative best practices to hear from other creators in the community. And see below for a few tips to get you started:

📌  You can find more information on how to target your audience in this article. 
📌 I also suggest you to read our article focused on the 5 main tips on how to grow your audience with your content on Pinterest
📌 Now, if you are looking to understand how the Pin's distribution works, and what you can do to improve your performance on our platform, I suggest you read this one

I'm also tagging @michaelbliss in case I missed anything here. In the meantime, let me know if you have any questions for me! 😄 


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Hi @vrindaeducationandcraft009 ! I love the articles @PinterestFernanda curated for you. 

I also wrote this post here in the forum about growth:

I would also suggest checking out the Pioneer blog. We're creating some great content over there - and a lot of it is focused on account and audience growth! 

Here's the blog page:

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Pinterest Pioneer
Pinterest Pioneer

Thanks for the tag @PinterestFernanda  it's appreciated!

@vrindaeducationandcraft009  I would think more in terms of engagement instead of views. You can have 10 million views on a pin but zero interaction and engagement. Your content should add value to your community, that will bring them back to your profile.

Ask questions in your pins and comments "what do you think about this"  "has anybody tried this before"  "tell me what you'll love to see"  "I appreciate you stopping by, say hi, I would love to meet you" and so on. Make your community feel at home and give them what they want to see. Interact with them, and they will interact with you. Don't be obsessed with all the numbers, focus on creating the best content you can. Over time you'll see the engagements have a steady climb.

And, of course, ask all the questions you may have here in the PBC. We love to help!

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