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How do I get started

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Hello, I’m pretty new to creating for Pinterest. I’ve always loved Pinterest and I would love to create my own art on it. Does anyone have advice on where to start? 

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Hello @unf8 and welcome to the Community! 😊

Hi @michaelblisscan you hop on here, please?

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Thanks for the tag @PinterestIvania !

@unf8   The number one thing I would say is to begin today, like now. Start creating Idea Pins with your art and upload as soon as you have it ready. Don’t worry about views, don’t try to figure out the algorithm, don’t be too wrapped up trying making it perfect, just create pins with whatever tools you have available and begin building a library of content.

Over time, you will see a community start growing, and your focus should be taking care of your community; interacting with the comments, ask them what is working, what they would like to see more of and less of. Be sure to react to each comment and thank them. You’ll be surprised how people love interacting with you.

Do what you love to do, show the world who you are through your pins, stay away from copying what other people are doing. If you find yourself spending time trying to design pins like anyone else, then it’s time to take a break and go back to the basics.

If I could go back in time ten years ago and tell myself anything that would help me, it’s here:
When I am feeling discouraged
What to remember as a content creator

Please return here with more questions and ideas. I hope this helps you.

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