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hey, i recently started to concentrae a little bit more on my pinterest profile. I really love this app so much, its been inspiring to me for such a long time and thats what makes me want to share my content  on pinterest. i am not big on other socials like intagram or tiktok so i have been trying to get more likes, comments, saves and followers but its not so easy to be honest. I watched a lot of people take about how to grow the account but nothng really worked out for me. I try posting more then twice a week but its extremly hard to get more interactions with my content. My content includes fashion, photography, myself, art, my friends sometimes also diys so its diverse

i am already sooo thankful for every tip or trick you guys have for me to increase my monthly impressions.

My big dream is to also get accepted in the creator rewareds programm as soon as its available for german citizens.

lovley greetings jana 

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@janaheess Hi Jana! Welcome to the PBC! 😄 

Regarding the Creator Rewards program, we have made the difficult decision to discontinue it, in order to focus on other creator programs and features that enable creators to earn on the platform. 

Moving forward, we’ll focus on supporting creator monetization features that are available to a wider set of creators. For the German market, we have availability to the paid partnership tool, which is a feature that lets you tag a brand you have a sponsorship or branded content relationship with. The paid partnership tool is a way to disclose any paid branded relationships directly in your Idea Pins!

I believe @michaelbliss can give you very useful tips about growing your content and working on your impressions! Can you help us here Michael? That would be nice, thank you! 🤗

Let us know if you need anything else in the meantime! 

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