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Greetings to everyone

New member

Hey there, everyone.

I recently joined the Pinterest business community, although I have long been a fan of the site as a user. I will blog about themes and designs for social media in addition to delivering beautiful material on the subjects I adore. As a novice, I am open to any recommendations onice.

Thank you and have a great day ahead.


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Pinterest Pioneer
Pinterest Pioneer

@im_logerjn  Welcome to the PBC! Here are some links to get you started:

  • Getting Started - This is where you can find our Code of Conduct and instructions on how to build your community profile and respond to a topic/thread. 
  • Looking for Support? Check out our conversation sections to ask questions and get help from the community! (Creator Conversations // Advertiser Conversations)
  • Check out our articles section for relevant resources including knowledge base articles and product information (Creator Articles // Advertiser Articles)
  • Stay up to date in our blog section! This is where we’ll share any relevant announcements or news. (Creator Blog // Advertiser Blog)
  • Introduce yourself! Join this thread to introduce yourself and start getting to know other community members.
  • Interested in attending live workshops and events? Make sure to check out our community events page and sign up for a virtual chapter to receive event announcements. (Business chapter //  Creator Chapter)

Have questions? We are here to help. Happy creating!

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