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Greetings! from your very enthusiastic new member.

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Hello to All,

I am a new member of Pinterest and Pinterest Business Community,  Since I first started with an Individual account, I was offered to sign up for a Free Business account which I did with enthusiasm only to discover thereafter,  that I have 3 accounts.  I was confused and my initial PINs all ended up in my Individual account. When I was offered to transfer all my PINS to my Business account and completed the transfer automatically, I was informed that my account has been suspended due to spamming. I was puzzled by this sudden suspension and "spamming" ??  The system did the mass transfer. In addition, I lost the impressions gain from my advertising of my video clip intro. 

I subsequently submitted an appeal and request my account to be restored. Then on second thought, submitted a followup to withdraw the restore request as I have decided to start over with a new account. Now with this new Individual account and the free business account, I have to put up 2 different avatars to differentiate the two accounts. Now I am ready to start my advertising again...... then I came across this Business Community and glad to be here where I hope to learn and contribute for the benefits of all.

It's my first time on Social Media and also my first time promoting my eCommerce store here, as well as on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. There are so much to be done but luckily much of the daily routines can be done with automation tools.

Moving on, I hope to be able to contribute positively to this Business Community much as I can benefit from along the way.  Your support with LIked and Follow, would be reciprocated in kind.  

More PINs are on the way with newly created Boards to showcase my store's premium products and you are welcome to submit your comment/suggestion. Subsequently, I believe we can all benefit from such constructive dialogues. 

Thank you for all ears and best wishes to all!  Stay Safe and have a great week ahead.

Pampered Joy

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Just visiting

@pamperedjoy2020 ,

Welcome! I too am new and trying to learn to navigate. 

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there @pamperedjoy2020, welcome to the community, we're so happy to have you here! Tagging in a couple other folks from our welcome committee @realsouthamerica, @foodiehomechef and @AmericanoCrystals. Regarding the issues with your account, we can help escalate that to the appropriate team if you still need assistance. If you have a ticket reference # you can pass along to us [should be located in your email from Pinterest support] we can escalate. Let us know, and look forward to seeing you around. 🙂 

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@pamperedjoy2020 @larenacorner @PinterestGabby Hi there - Welcome! Your going to love❤️ the PBC! Anytime either of you need help or have a question this is definitely the place to ask. There are lot's of great people in the community who have a lot of Pinterest Inspiration and Pinterest Joie de Vivre!

I have followed both of you already loving your pins!

Glad you're both here! - Lisa😁

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@pamperedjoy2020 Hello!

Welcome to the community!

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So glad you're here @pamperedjoy2020 you're gonna love the PBC & it'll be great to see you around here all the time! 😊

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