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Fresh Pins

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A fresh Pin is described as a new image published to Pinterest. A few questions for clarification:

1. In a carousel pin, does that only count for the first image? or all of them? (I have a client who sells organic hemp and cotton clothing and I want to showcase all the angles of one pair of pants in one pin, however, I would like to use the other angles as pins too and want to make sure they are seen as fresh as well).

2. How does it work in a video pin? (Same client above has made 3 videos that are very very similar to each other, just the pants are different in each video, and one has a woman wearing them and another has a man but their heads aren't showing so those look very similar still...). How does Pinterest look at video pins and distinguish each as fresh? From the initial cover that we can choose or the entire clip?

3. How about story pins? Is it just the first image that needs to be fresh?

Thank you in advance for your time!!



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