Finding influencers on Pinterest for my art

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Are there influencers out there looking for Angelic Art to represent? 

How do we find our people to collaborate with? 

I am excited to be here and connect with you all.. I am very new at any of this as I normally hide in my art studio painting


x Alli and The Angels 

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Hi Allie, 

 I would be honored to be able to work with an artist like yourself. I am an art enthusiast and enjoy all things related to it as well. I also like to paint and draw myself but it's something I do as a hobby. So I understand how you may feel that it is some art that you put away and don't show the rest of the world like me. However if this is you main focus and this is what you need help with, to promote your art I would be more than happy to collab with you. 🙂

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