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Feature Request: Polls

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Hi Pinterest team and fellow creators!

I think it'd be nice to have some more tools to grow closer with your audience and interact with it 🙂

Already am loving the mentions feature for story pins as it allows to collab with other creators & the option to reply to comments as pin!

One thing I really love using on Youtube are polls in the Community Tab - think they'd be a great tool to involve the audience in the creation process (what would you like to see next, etc).

2022-04-07 14_20_46-TinyCraft - YouTube — Mozilla Firefox.jpg

Would be great to see sth. similar on Pinterest!


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Pinterest Pioneer
Pinterest Pioneer

Hello @tinycraft ! I like this idea you have! Here is the form you can use to request a new feature. I hope this helps you.

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Thank you c:

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Totally support this!!

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