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Evolution of Idea Pins -- New Reporting, Etc

Pinterest Pioneer
Pinterest Pioneer
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It's clear Pinterest has evolved Idea Pins (or is process of). Given the deprioritization of Idea Pin, it was obvious something was on the horizon. I'm starting this thread to see if there's anything else you all have seen/forsee.

What I've noticed:

  • Idea Pins are basically Video Pins now; combining the individual cards into one video (not able to navigate to next card, user must wait for the "video" to change)
  • In creation, there's no longer "create Idea Pin" it's just "create a Pin"
  • In reporting, now analytics for former Idea Pins is being captured under "Video Pins"
  • There's still "Idea Pin Ads" at least in my account(s)

Anyone notice anything additional? Aside from nomenclature, any real implication you see?


Screen Shot 2023-06-07 at 7.23.35 AM.png


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I really dislike all the changes. It good they added the link, but I wish it was still possible to create "takes". I also loved when pin ideas were like stories on instagram, and you could categorise them.

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