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Effect of COVID on Pinterest trends Curve

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When using the Pinterest trends tool to look for food and recipe trends, most searches show a spike in late March and early spring, which is when the country was shut down due to COVID. Is there historical data available that shows the trends when COCVID is not a factor (for instance prior to 2020.) The bias created by COVID will not accurately reflect future trends and so it is difficult to know when food and recipes are truly trending under normal circumstances. Any help or thoughts on this matter is appreciated!!! @PinterestGabby 

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Hey there! @plattertalk 

Since the coronavirus upended life as we know it worldwide, consumer searches on the visual search engine have changed. It’s clear that users are searching for tips and ideas to help them while working from the home-another impact of the coronavirus outbreak.Pinners are searching for home haircuts as we cannot go to a barbershop during the lockdowns. Home workouts pins are also trending due to the closure of gyms and the masses are trying to stay fit while staying at their homes. Parents are also searching for games and educational activities for their kids to create a balance between learning and entertainment for their kids while the schools are being closed due to the coronavirus pandemic. These types of pins are trending only due to the COVID-19 crisis.

So these are some of the main changes on Pinterest trends I know, hope you can get some ideas 🙂

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Great tips, @AmericanoCrystals, as always. 😉@plattertalk thanks for starting this new topic - the purpose of the Trends Tool is to give users data on what's trending this week, and previous trends up to the past 12 months. Because the data only goes back 12 months, you aren't going to be able to see what was trending in March of last year. We are considering expanding the look-back time window and we'll be sure to update in the community if and when there are new feature releases for this tool. For more info, check out this article in our Help Center. 

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