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Hey @pinterestmarketingexpert 

Please help me regarding editing/deleting of idea pins. I have mistakingly published my pins without adding titles and descriptions to all of my 20 pins in that particular idea pin. 

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Hello @marahman2611 

Oh so sorry that happened. Unfortunately you cannot edit the titles and descriptions on your Idea Pins after you have published it. 

It's best you delete them all and start again. 

Thank you and have a nice day. 


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I’m sorry to hear that.

There are a couple of things that are also easily forgotten, so I thought I mention them to you for your future idea pins.

I can help get your content be found to add tags. You can add up to 10. Also, don’t forget to publish your idea pin to your most relevant board. Those 2 things are easily forgotten and help with discoverability.

As @pinterestmarketingexpert explains, a number of elements can not be edited on idea pins once published.

Happy pinning! Idea pins are a great format to engage and trigger action. Keep on going!

Isabel Talens
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