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Do you create batch content on Pinterest?

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Q&A Time 💁🏻‍

If you’re in the creator world, you’ve heard the term “batching content.” Some say it’s the secret to their success. 

•Is batching content part of your strategy?•

I’m typically not a batch content creator because my creative juices flow better when I’m living in the moment. However, this isn’t always convenient…


Tell us in the comments why [or why not] you prefer this method of creating!?   

I can’t wait to hear your answers! Who knows,  maybe I’ll be inspired to change my strategy 😀


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Great question @everydaylifewithlaura, and thank you for tagging me @bodymindmood 

So for me, it varies from season to season. 

I've had seasons where I would take two weeks and batch content for the month. That worked for a good amount of time! 

Now that I am in the first month of recovery from knee surgery, my Idea Pins for the last month have been suuuuuuuuper simple. And I am creating one or two at a time and pacing them out as I post. 

If you are reading this trying to find the right thing for you, please know that is no right or wrong, just what works for you! AND what works for you right now might not work in the future, and that's ok. Content and how you create it evolves, changes, and adapts as you go, and life happens. 

For example, I LOVE making long-form 10 minutes talking straight to the camera content. Still, during this initial recovery is not possible, because my energy is all over the place and I spend at least 7 hours a week in physical therapy. So I had to simplify and streamline my content-creating process, so I could use my time to take care of others aspects of my business.

So have grace with yourself as you experiment and test it out to see what works for you at the moment. ❤️

PS. What hasn't changed is that before the end of the month, I sit down and go through the Trends tool (obsessed with the updated version???! All my new Idea Pins have super high engagement, and I "blame it" on the trend tool haha), comments, search tab and Unpinned Spaces tool to decide what I will create for the following month. 

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I do like to be in the moment however with creating about mindset and mental health i like to batch create because it helps me make sure that i stay on task to help others. I like to create about 4-10 pieces of content at one time 

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Depending on the situation yes. Batching in my opinion is great for themed content and when you need a little time away from making content but I feel too much can feel impersonal 

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My phone is always (too) full of video content. I video most jewelry making projects, most of my own workouts, and some personal training clients.  I’ve always got content in my phone…it’s finding time to do something with it that’s the problem! 

I try to start each month with a bunch of new idea pins, and add a new one or two each day after the first batch gets uploaded. Daily pins go through the last week of the month, where my content slows way down. For example, my last pin this month was a few days ago  I’m too busy making and preparing for November content  

For static pins, I only pin product pins directly from Etsy. Whenever I list a new product or update photos, I pin from Etsy…is there a better way to do this?  I have found that any static pins I’ve made through Canva get way fewer views than pins directly from Etsy. Any tips for doing a better job planning and posting my actual products would be appreciated!  I don’t use any scheduling software. I just make my idea pins with InShot & in the Pinterest app and store, and submit them directly from Pinterest. 

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I love batching my content it saves me a lot of time and it;s easier for me to get more done and have everything scheduled to run in the background for me

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Pinterest Pioneer

I have two ways of thinking process when it comes to creating idea pins. 1st is a story I am thinking of, and I usually take videos different times of the day or locations, and create one idea pin. 2nd is when traveling and I am all over the place and just capture to create later, and usually don’t have an idea until I see all my videos. 

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Hello there, Great question! Yes! I batch-create content often. I post daily idea pins multiple times a week.  As I'm videoing for idea pins I can batch-create content and create multiple idea pins from that one batch of content. This is just me using Pinterest. I'm not repurposing content. I'm not on any other platform so I grew my Pinterest following all on my own by posting consistently. In order for me to post consistently, I need to have draft idea pins ready to submit myself at any time of the day. Static pins can be scheduled so those are easy. Also, out of that content idea pin, make sure you are creating static pins linking back to your idea pin! 

 ~Mari @MamaMari1978 on Pinterest

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I have found that there is no right or wrong way to shoot content. I tried to batch content with 6 outfits like another creator I know and almost immediately felt overwhelmed and burned out from it.

I think the best approach is to block out a day you are available in, have your outfits ready beforehand (I found that my maximum amount is 3 outfits to batch content), motivate yourself by grabbing a drink or snack (could be used as a prop too), and find a location with multiple walls, areas, backgrounds that can be used for multiple photos and outfits at once. I also found that vetting through the photos in the car was the most effective way for me, because I tend to just want to procrastinate, lay down, and relax as soon as I'm home. However, that's just been my rhythm!! Love hearing about others!

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What a great topic @everydaylifewithlaura !

I do batch content but no more than 2 weeks in advance, just because content creation takes a lot of resources and also because I always try to keep track of the moments, events, and seasonal stuff.

I create a plan and strategy, I batch keywords and work on SEO, I use templates a lot and for my organization, I use Trello (I use Trello for a lot more than Pinterest, it is amazing) and Plann app - which I found amazing cause I can create the visual strategy, it integrates with Pinterest and Canva also which is amazing, it is the only app I really love for strategy and scheduling, through all the apps I've used over the years.

I only schedule static pins and videos, but Idea Pins I post manually on desktop or mobile when I need to use product tagging in the Ideas.

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I’m relatively new to the Pinterest Creator world, but I’m a marketing and social media copywriter by day and I find myself stuck between batching content and barely cranking out one piece of creative material!

Sometimes my creative flow hits me all at once and I have to act on it RIGHT THEN before it subsides and that’s where my batch comes from. Other times, it seems to take FOREVER to find the inspiration I need to produce worthy content.

It’s all still a work in progress for me. I found that the less I try to force myself to create content and just let my creativity do its thing helps me to think of ideas faster than when I’m frustrated. Looking back at my previous content also helps me find inspiration to experiment with a different approach and see what results I’ll get the next go around!

What a great question!

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