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Did you attend the Pinterest Creators Festival? Connect and share your feedback with us!

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Happy Thursday, everyone! For those of you who attended the Pinterest Creator Festival today, we'd love to hear from you! We wanted to start a topic for people to connect and share their feedback and thoughts about the PCF or the content being shared throughout the event.

📌tip: watch any of the segments you may have missed on demand. The login you created at the beginning of the festival will work for the next 30 days.@


  • What did you like about the Pinterest Creators Festival?
  • What could be improved for our next creators event?
  • What would you like to see in the future?
  • What were your biggest takeaways?
  • What did you think about the content?
  • Was there any topic/speaker that resonated with you?  


Anything else you want to share, we're all ears! We can't wait to hear from you. 💕

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The speakers were very inspiring! As an artist who has my own small business and a blog, I need to hear inspirational stories of how people managed to start their business (or movement for some!) I do need to re-watch them later because I was busy having fun in chat! I ended up following 37 new people from the chat, and going onto everyone’s accounts and re-pinning their stuff. 

David totally needs to open a Momofuku and a Milk Bar in San Francisco! 😝

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@PinterestGabby  Ahhh I LOVED IT!!! There was so much great insight!!! I really learned so much and have already begun thinking about how to incorporate the new shared ideas into my content strategies.

First, let me say, the Pinterest team and guest speakers did a 👏 fabulous 👏 job 👏 . And thank YOU for all you did helping everyone in the chat!! You're a rockstar! 🎸  I can tell how much work went into each element of the festival and it was all so well done. I'm so grateful for everyone's efforts! Please extend my gratitude to everyone who helped put the festival together!! It was very much needed and helped me tremendously! 

We often hear a lot of buzzwords & phrases when it comes to making pins (inspire, create, quality over quantity...) and it's like, I know what those words mean but I personally found it hard to apply them and connect the dots for my content! The presentations really provided great context for me to make those connections and I'm feeling so much more confident!

One thing that really spoke to me was learning more about Pinterest's mission...the positivity, the inspiration and this unique position that Pinterest is in vs. other platforms, and how my content can contribute to that. The September Letters segment really resonated and I never thought about how out of all the platforms, Pinterest really is the only one that can provide that positive, inspirational and kindhearted space & feel! Especially during these unsure times, it's great to have that escape! Speaking personally, while dessert recipes already pretty much fall into these characteristics 😉, it made me pause to think how I can hone in on this a bit more with my content. 

I think my key takeaway is realizing that as a content creator, it's no longer about clicking 'share' on my blog post, reusing the same images and thinking that's enough to get the word out & capture an audience. Maybe years ago that was sufficient but the community on Pinterest craves more. Consumers no longer respond to content the same way as previously. They want to engage and learn quickly and in small bites (voila! videos & stories!)

I think Pinterest has done a great job listening to their audience and adapting their format in response. These changes can make it hard for content creators to evolve (I know it hasn't been easy for me!) BUT I think the main distinction is that audiences are driving these changes

In retrospect, change is hard but 🌟 YAYY 🌟 for having these new formats for us to use and connect with our evolving audience!!

Adapting our content strategy is one of the great challenges of being a content creator but also the most crucial to nail down. I'm forever thankful that Pinterest has resources like the festival, the PDFs you guys share, the trends tool and this wonderful community to help us get there!! No other platform is this invested in their creators. 


Clearly, I gained a lot LOL 😜 but for future topics, I would like to hear more on designing pins (i.e. how Pinterest experts approach design), how creators can best approach video, and how to draw conclusions and take action from the analytics section! 


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Hi @PinterestGabby !!! 👋🏾

Yes I requested when I first heard about it and then again yesterday during the festival.

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Community Manager

@jeswes @owlbbaking @wildlifeelathome thank y'all SO much for sharing your experience/feedback, this makes my little community heart soar. 🥺💕All the comments here are being shared with our team so we can improve the experience for future creator events and ensure the content is beneficial/informative for everyone. Thank you for helping improve the creator experience at Pinterest! ❤️ 

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I really enjoyed this festival and even replied to the email with the replay to rave about it. I thought it was visually nice, concise, and informative , and i watch a lot of these types of things where the first 20 min the ceo is droning on and you're like..zz forget it! But this was great. I do wish there was a little more "higher level" expert info, but overall very good, id watch more in the future.

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I finally got to watch some of the festival...

Am I the only one who was hesitant about the references to the "new pinterest" where "creators can create content directly on the platform"? 

I can't see the benefit in this for creators. 

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