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Hello, just wondering if anyone can clarify something for me. Do all idea pins submitted in the Creator Rewards program have to have a video? I am in month three and it used to say video required and I don't see that anymore. There's so much misinformation out there. I'd love to hear directly from Pinterest on this. Thanks!

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Great question @MidlifeHealthyLiving 

Yes, I'm curious to hear directly from the source too as there is lots of info floating around.

Looking at my analytics, even if the criteria does not require video for any of the pages, I found that my Idea pins containing video perform much better. This is especially the case when my first page is a video.

That's just my experience though. And my category is health and wellness too!

Good luck:)

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Hi @MidlifeHealthyLiving!

Each goal will tell you if a video is required. Bu, like @NotABondGirl said, videos tend to perform better. 

I recently wrote an article here with the best practices for creating pins for the Creator Rewards Program.

I hope this helps.

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