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Hi everyone!

I am a new member of the PBC even though I have been using Pinterest for over half a decade! I am very excited to be a part of this community who inspires and helps each other. My question was about the creator fund and how to apply for it. I know the wellness creator fund just opened up but I do not have 1k+ followers on pinterest and would be unable to apply. I am very close to meeting the beauty and fashion requirement and I believe that is opening up soon hopefully! Does Pinterest automatically tell you you're eligible in the Creator Hub on a mobile device? I don't understand how to apply once it does open up.

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Thank you to anyone who can help! (:


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Welcome to the PBC😎

I read your post and I think its great that you want to participate.

I am posting below some information that I hope will give you some answers to your questions:

Please also visit Pinterest Creator Fund

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Are the Creator Fund and Creator Rewards the same? 

No! The Creator Fund and Creator Rewards are two different programs with their own set of criteria and requirements. 

How is Creator Fund different from Rewards?

The Creator Fund is a 5-week program focused on educating and teaching creators form underrepresented communities how to succeed on the platform. Creator Rewards is a program (in beta) for creators to earn money for creating original Idea Pins in response to monthly reward goals created by Pinterest. To learn more about Creator Rewards click here: Pinterest Creator Rewards

What Do Creator Fund participants receive?

Participants receive $25,000 in the form of a cash grant, equipment and ad credits in addition to resources and hands-on learning sessions with industry leaders and experts.

What are Creator Fund participants required to do?

First and foremost, learn and create! We do require participants to sign an agreement, commit to five virtual educational sessions and create content as part of the Fund. We also host weekly office hours that we recommend participants attend.

When is the Creator Fund application period?

The application period for this cycle is July 25, 2022 9am EDT through August 3, 2022 at 9pm PDT. 

As a reminder, Creator Fund cycles will be announced quarterly giving creators more opportunities to apply!

Where can I learn more about the Pinterest Creator Fund?

I hope this will help you and please keep coming back if you have other questions.



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I would just keep up with your Pins and post often! Also reach out to Pinterest support and write them directly it will help to see if your Eligible instead of waiting for your application!

that’s what I did 😛

I have been in the creator fund for a few months now!

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Hi @alishaasyedd, welcome to the PBC! You're in luck, the third cycle for the Creator Fund is now available for creators to apply 😊. You can find out more info and apply here - note that applications end on 10/12/22. Hope this helps!

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