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Hi, I’m confused about whether or not I should continue using Tailwind. I read on that statement that it’s okay to use 3rd party schedulers. However I got an email from a Pinterest rep today saying it’s no longer recommended to use Tailwind and to use the native scheduler instead. Which one is it? 


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I would also like clarification. I thought I had clarification over the weekend with the statement that was released... but now, if you're getting an email directly from Pinterest stating the opposite, it does raise concern.

We continue to see success with our clients, using Tailwind, and as of now we will continue to use TW, unless something official is released advising us not to. I'm hoping the person that emailed you @breathehustleglow  just gave incorrect information, but who knows at this point! 


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Hi @breathehustleglow and @BryannaVPH, please reference our recent statement for our official response to using third-party partners. Apologies for any confusing/conflicting info on this and appreciate you bringing this to our attention. We've shared this feedback to our team to ensure any external messaging about this aligns with our post in the community. 👍



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