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Client's Account Randomly Blocked for Spam- Plz Help!

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Hi @PinterestGabby & @PinterestJanice & @pinteresthelp - My client's account was randomly and mistakenly blocked for Spam! This is such a fatal error with regards to traffic!! Can someone please escalate this issue immediately to help me get this resolved? I have submitted a ticket and appealed the issue as well. Here is the account url:

Her account appeared okay at first this morning, but when you click on her pins they are all blocked. I've included a screenshot as well.

Thank you!


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Hello @BryannaVHP,

I looked at your client's website and through multiple analysis tools could not find any issues. That's the good news. Hopefully Pinterest can recognize and resolve this.

I see your account has 1.5M monthly views which is very respectable. Usually spam url blocking is initiated by reports from users. I read a very interesting article which may explain what happened.

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Hi there, thanks for your input- that article is very interesting. The site is definitely blocked, in fact, I submitted a ticket and appealed the original block and received an email response saying "They're not going to unblock it!" This is beyond frustrating for us and our client. I even have a TW screenshot showing that our scheduling is all in good practice and within guidelines.  I really need someone to help escalate this for us as soon as possible! I've included a screenshot of the response we just received. 

@PinterestGabby @PinterestJanice @PinterestBrad @Anonymous @pinteresthelp 

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