Christmas Travel Ideas

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What are your ideas to create pins on the subject?

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Hi @everycornerofworld! One way you can get ideas is to type "Christmas travel" into and see what people are searching on Google. You can also try "Winter travel" and other variations. 

I would recommend the Trends tool on Pinterest in the future - but it's broken right now. 😞 

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Hi @everycornerofworld 

This is how I get ideas to create effective and trendy pins on Pinterest and so far it works for me. Hope it will help you too.

1)  Go to Pinterest trends  and look for latest trends and see a comparison of of few other similar long tail keywords 

2) Type the word on your mind on Pinterest search bar and it will automatically gives you some suggestions related to your keyword or keyword phrase 

3) After that go through at least 1st 50 pins related to your keyword and study them well

I usually use this method if I have no idea on what to or how to create a pin specific to a keyword. Always remember the trend is your friend and Pinterest trends is the most valuable tool to grow your audience as well as your impressions and engagements. The only thing you need is a proper analyze. 

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