Change in Profile Bio Name Keywords?

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Hey gang! I noticed today that my additional keywords that I added in my profile bio name are gone! 

Here's what it looks like now but before it used to be: Cause We Can Events | Nashville Wedding Planner


Screen Shot 2021-02-09 at 4.37.13 PM.png

Gabby Pinkerton | Destination Wedding Planner for Adventurous Couples
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Hey! I've noticed this too. I checked in with fellow Pinterest community members, outside of the wedding industry, and theirs haven't changed which is odd? @PinterestGabby is there A/B testing going on on the backend possibly? Wondering why this is only a restriction for wedding creatives? Thank you!

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Pinterest Pioneer
Pinterest Pioneer

I just noticed this on a client's account yesterday!  I just thought the client didn't like the keywords I added and just removed them without telling me.  😂   But today I noticed the same thing on my own account.  Bizarre! 

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