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Business Account Suspended

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Can someone please help me. My business account was suspended and I tried to appeal it but they denied me again. I sent in another request. Is there anything I can do to get it back? I read the guidelines and I don't know what it was that got me suspended and all I get is an automated response. I want to know what I did and I will take the steps to fix it. I am so upset, my blog website is linked to my Pinterest business account. I worked so hard to have the followers that I have and I would hate to start all over again. Can someone please let me know if there is anything else I can do?

Thank you!

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Pinterest Pioneer
Pinterest Pioneer

Hi @selbk494 , welcome to the PBC!

The best way is to reply to the email your received and appeal the suspension. Sometimes an account can get caught in a spam filter accidentally. 
The other option is to reach out to Pinterest support through this link.

There are different guidelines that are considered. You can learn more about them here.


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