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Hi guys, I recently took Pinterest seriously. Looking to grow my audience and account. I know brand deals and ads are a great way for that, but how does one get the attention of a brand. In a way your account is your portfolio, so how do I make my account look good so brands reach out?

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Pinterest Pioneer

Hi @allexcejaa! I recently wrote a blog post about how to land Pinterest brand partnerships. 

Here's a link to it: 

And here's the part about prepping your profile: 


a. Prep your Pinterest profile to attract - and send the right messages to - brands. 

"Think of a brand you want to pitch and then put yourself in that brand’s shoes. If they were to stumble across your Pinterest profile today, are there elements of your profile that would stand out to them and help them envision what a partnership together could look like?

For example, if you’re pitching a beauty brand but you haven’t posted any beauty content recently, they may look at your profile and think that you’re not the right match to share their products.

Also make sure that… 

✔️ your name is clearly listed
✔️ you have a profile photo that is consistent with your profile photo on other social media channels
✔️ you list a website and claim that website
✔️ you have a profile description – so the brand representative can see what your Pinterest account is all about at a glance.

Also, include an email. That's usually how brands prefer to reach out. 


😲 Oh, AND! (This is good!) I just created an Idea pin about creating Idea Pins as portfolio pieces to attract brands. Here's that pin: 


I'm excited for you! Keep us posted! 

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