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Brand new here

Just visiting

Come and check out my new pinterest page, i would love to hear your opinions about, maybe help me grow🌸🌸

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Hello @Macilevic and welcome to the PBC!

I did visit your account and here's what I'm recommending starting with...

1. What's your niche?

One of the biggest mistakes Pinterest creators make is they don’t make it clear what they specialize in or who they serve.

You need to have a niche as a Pinterest creator and that’s because you can’t be all things to people. Understanding niche is essential as it helps to identify the potential audience's wants and needs. This will help you create the right content that matters to them which will increase engagement.

2. Here's the best way to use the PBC

3. What is your goal on Pinterest? From there I can provide you with more tips. 

I hope that helps for now. 

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Thanks and have a great week! 

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