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Board + Section Strategy

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Hey! How have you organized your boards and sections? And what helped you come to that sort of organization?

Other insightful questions for you, if you're willing.. 😎

I'm currently unaware of Pinterest's preference of what titles/topics should be a board vs a section, so any tips are welcome! I understand everything needs to use powerful keywords strategically, but is there a strategy to organizing it all? Better to have more boards or more sections? If it's better to keep more topics separated, then what are the big takeaway advantages to sections? When do you find it necessary to use boards with sections vs breaking those sections out to boards? Do you mix the strategy: some just boards and pins within vs. other boards with many sections? 

These are just questions to brainstorm and ponder. I'm simply interested in what you have decided to do (and why)!

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Hi Simone @foodiehomechef ! Apologies for the late note, but THANK YOU for writing this 🙂 Its actually interesting to know that because we differ in industries, tips would differ. But I like knowing that insight, it has me thinking about what may be helpful just as part of my own niche. So its expanding my thinking. 

I certainly hadn't known it can take a couple of months for the pin to really activate and circulate well. I thought pinning early was all about those early planners 😉 I also love your input about helpful apps/plugins. I'll need to ponder some other ideas as I'm such a penny saver in my business right now - I need to earn some before I spend some! But thank you, I'll keep these links in my back pocket for when the time is right. Crossing fingers for all that soon.

Thanks a bundle!

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